Operational solutions

ITALGRU S.r.l. has proven experience in providing specific operational solutions in the cargo handling industry. These solutions cater to the most important logistic segments such as harbour, off-shore, shipyard, and steel mills businesses. The operational team is made up of highly qualified individuals who are capable of analyzing and planning projects based on top productivity and managerial strategies that result in efficient and effective solutions. Customers can be assured of the highest levels of quality and safety . Competence and innovation are the pillars behind the ITALGRU brand, designs and developments.

Since 1995, ITALGRU S.r.l. – a Bonfanti family-owned company – has played a vital role in both the local Italian and international markets in the heavy-duty lifting, cargo handling and industrial automation sectors.
Mobile Harbour Cranes
Off-shore Cranes
Shipyard and steel mill cranes
Bridge Crane
Lifting system
Industrial automation
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