Mobile Harbour Cranes

ITALGRU Electric Mobile Harbour Cranes are the result of careful studies of technological developments and the application of the necessary technologies to modern harbour equipment in order to handle every type of goods. Efficient, mobile and versatile, ITALGRU’s mobile harbour cranes can be used in any port for the handling of: bulk materials, steel or scrap metal, general cargo and heavy loads, containers.

Our crane designs, in compliance with F.E.M. 1.001 Design Rules allows for classifications from A3 to A8 based on client’s requirements.

Mobile harbour crane by ITALGRU

Benefits for the environment

We are actively committed to helping industries reduce their carbon emissions.
Commitment to the environment
Carbon reduction
Energy-saving solutions

Commitment to the environment

Stemming climate change is one of the most urgent challenges of our sector. We offer our customers innovative electrical solutions to help decrease their footprint and contain maintenance costs.

Our electric cranes are the result of careful studies and accurate tests in order to guarantee the best energy-efficient technology. 

Carbon reduction

In order to limit the advance of climate change it is essential for energy-intensive industries to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Our electric-drive technology helps reducing CO2 for the port industry allowing our customers to become an active part of the transition that will lead to decarbonization. 

Energy-saving solutions

Our new generation electric port cranes allow for maximum energy efficiency and top performances in all situations.

Our electric drive range helps reducing resource waste and environmental impact throughout the product’s life. 

One Machine, Multiple application

The multifunctionality of mobile harbour cranes makes them effective for all areas of application in the harbour. Lifting attachments can be exchanged within a matter of minutes thanks to the simple modular structure. After selecting the software, the respective lifting attachment is ready for immediate use.
Crane bulk handling

Bulk Handling

Crane container handling

Container Handling

General cargo handling

General cargo

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