Mobile Harbour Cranes

ITALGRU Diesel-hydraulic Port Cranes are controlled by our state-of-the-art ITALGRU electronic crane management system, ensuring the crane’s performance is optimized. Safe, smooth and precise crane handling is a result of innovative engineering and constant customer feedback and implementation of latest technologies available.

Our crane designs, in compliance with F.E.M. 1.001 Design Rules allows for classifications from A3 to A8 based on client’s requirements.

Hydraulic mobile harbour crane in a port

One Machine, Multiple application

The multifunctionality of mobile harbour cranes makes them effective for all areas of application in the harbour. Lifting attachments can be exchanged within a matter of minutes thanks to the simple modular structure. After selecting the software, the respective lifting attachment is ready for immediate use.
ITALGRU mobile harbour crane handling a bulk

ITALGRU mobile harbour crane bulk handling

Container handling with an ITALGRU hydraulic harbour crane

Container handling with an ITALGRU harbour crane

General cargo hoisted with an ITALGRU hydraulic crane

General cargo hoisted with an ITALGRU crane

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