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Information upon the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)


For Italgru S.r.l. (from now on referred to as, the “Company” or “Controller”) the protection of its customers’ personal data, even prospective, and of users of its company website (from now on “Personal Data”) is essential and of utmost importance. The processing, either automatized or handmade, of Personal Data is made by Italgru S.r.l. in full compliance with rights and protections set by the EU Regulation 2016/679 (from now on referred to as the “Regulation”) and with additional rules applicable in all matters related to the protection of Personal Data.

  • Why is Italgru S.r.l. serving you this information?
    According to the Regulation, before starting to process Personal Data, the person whose data refer to must be informed by the Controller about the purposes the data are requested for and the ways such data are used. You have a Glossary of main terms referred to in this information, containing simple and understandable explanations, as to allow you to understand the matter.
  • Who will process your Personal Data?
    Your Personal Data will be processed by Italgru S.r.l. (from now on referred to as the “Controller”).
  • Which are the purposes your Personal Data are processed for?

3.1.    Main purpose

For enabling the reply to the requests of contact and data you entered by means of the “Online Form for Request of Contact”, Italgru S.r.l. needs to collect some of your Personal Data. The processing of your Personal Data will be upon the Controller in order that you could either receive the requested information or eventually benefit from other services offered from time to time by Italgru S.r.l. website. The “legal framework” at the base of the processing of your Personal Data is so far to be found in the contractual relationship that is in progress between you and the Controller since you formally accept the “General Terms of Use” of Italgru S.r.l. website.

3.2.    Additional purposes

The Controller could deploy to your attention even promotional, advertising and/or marketing activities (the so called “direct marketing” purposes). Among them are all of the activities carried out as to promote and advertise products, services, either sold and/or delivered by the Controller of the processing, assuming it has a lawful interest to do so on the basis of its statutory and bylaws objectives.

Direct marketing activities carried out by the Controller is made regardless of your consent, unless you express a formal denial (par. 47 of the Preambles of the Regulation; Art. 6, par. 1, point f) of the Regulation). The ways/means you could be approached for direct marketing purposes could be either automatized (email), or manually made by personnel (phone calls by duly instructed operators; postage mailing; emailing; social network notification). Nevertheless, as better explained at par. 6 underneath in this Information, you could ever revoke your consent, even partially in relation to some of the purposes. As a mere example, you could keep your consent only for direct marketing activities carried out manually, while revoking the consent for those automatized.

4 Will your Personal Data be communicated to/shared with other entities?

5 How long will your Personal Data be processed by the Controller?

For the purposes set at par. 3.1 of this Information, your Personal Data will be processed for the shortest period of time, as stated at point 39 of the Preambles in the Regulation; this meaning until the contractual relationship between you and the Controller expires, and except for the case when an additional period of processing is requested by the law as well as stated at point 65 of the Preambles in the Regulation. For the achievement of the purposes set at par. 3.2 of this Information, the Controllers could lawfully process your Personal Data until when you are to express your will, in any manner as disclosed in this Information, to revoke your consent for one or for all of the purposes the data were requested for.

The eventual revocation of your consent will oblige the Controller to stop any processing to the extent of the revoked purposes.

6 When and how is possible to retire/revoke a formerly expressed consent to the processing?

Whenever you want, totally and/or partially, regardless of the validity and lawfully processing of your Personal Data based on the former consent given before your revocation, by sending an email to the Controller at the address, or by clicking the button “unsubscribe” always available in the emails that you are likely to receive at the email address formerly communicated by you.

7 Does the Regulation grant you any right?

Yes, the Regulation grants you basically the possibility to have access to your Personal Data, requesting for their amendment/their update in case they are lacking or erroneous, requesting for their deletion in case the processing happened unlawfully with regard to the Regulation or even to any other laws applicable in this matter, or even to oppose to the processing for whichever lawfully and motivated reason.

In particular, here underneath you find the list of all of the rights you could exercise, whenever you want, to the Controller:

  • Right to have access to;
  • Right to amend;
  • Right to erase;
  • Right to restrict somehow the processing;
  • Right to the portability;
  • Right to make opposition;
  • Right to file a claim to the Supervisory Authority;

For the proper exercise of above listed rights you could easily contact the Controller by email at the email address

8 Where will your Personal Data be processed?

Your Personal Data will be processed by the Controller in the territory of the European Union.

Respect for your privacy is our priority

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