ITALGRU crane at work
ITALGRU crane at work

After-Sales service
& Custumer Support

ITALGRU  and its service partners are fully aware of our client’s requirements and expectations. 
We are committed to long term relationships with our customers in the oil & gas industry and to delivering safe, cost effective and efficient high quality service solutions. 

Our customer support commitments include:


  • Availability of spare parts for more than 20 years

  • Stock availability combined with fast delivery


  • Experienced and factory trained service technicians (multi-skilled) are available from ITALGRU
  • All service engineers are supported by a professional team of factory based specialists
  • Services include supervision of installation, commissioning, start-up, load testing, inspections, and maintenance
  • The engineers are also able to upgrade existing cranes to the latest systems in accordance with compliance rules and regulations
  • These upgrades include but are not limited to: new hydraulic systems, new electronic systems and general upgrades of cranes
  • Installation of additional safety features including emergency brake systems, man riding capability, mooring, GOP among others


  • ITALGRU provides comprehensive training programs on site in Italy or at the customers’ premises by specialized, highly skilled professionals with extensive field experience

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