ITALGRU TC offshore cranes
ITALGRU TC offshore cranes

Box Boom Crane TC Series

The ITALGRU ram luffing crane TC series is the cumulative result of more than 35 years of experience in the offshore industry. Our customers continue to be satisfied with our ongoing research and innovative developments. The ITALGRU TC offshore crane series is designed and manufactured for medium lifting capabilities with working outreaches that are customized according to our clients’ needs.

The ITALGRU TC box boom type offshore crane series is available with either a diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drive system.
The modular design allows the cranes to be equipped with a machinery house on the rear side of it or alternatively a compact version is available where the crane’s prime mover is situated within the interior of the slewing column.

The diesel-hydraulic versions use a stand-alone power source that runs independent from the rig or FPSO and serve as the ideal solution to provide reliable and trouble-free operations on unmanned platforms or installations that require autonomous crane operation.

Over the last 10 years, ITALGRU has designed a new electronic system that allows for integrated control of all the functions within a crane. The new system includes CAN bus technology, a large memory bank, different data transmissions and a touch screen display. At ITALGRU, after sales service is of great importance and wide emphasis is placed on working with established partners within the oil and gas industry to ensure that our customers’ requests are dealt with prompt feedback and efficiency. 



  • Compact design based on modular systems with or without house machine
  • ITALGRU electronic-type crane management system
  • Power output regulator to avoid power pack overloading and to ensure excellent operating efficiency
  • Closed hydraulic system
  • Auxiliary winch
  • All winches are mounted on the main frame for easy access and safe maintenance
  • Emergency load lowering system
  • Three-ways roller slew bearing
  • Gross Overload Protection
  • Constant Tension
  • Man Riding application


ITALGRU’s service philosophy is anchored on a commitment towards continuous improvement.

Over the last five years, ITALGRU has established several key partnerships with various companies within the oil and gas industry. Our customers can be assured that spare parts will be available for the entire lifetime of the cranes and service support is at their disposal. 

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